Our Edge

Why choose us?

In-depth knowledge of your Business and High Performance Track Record

One cannot do a task efficiently if the amount of product knowledge is inadequate. Here at Ellick BPO Solutions, Inc. we make sure that we know every nook and cranny about your business so that we may craft a strategic plan on how to approach the market and achieve satisfactory results whether for sales or customer service.

Our teams possess years of experience. Having worked with the giants of the BPO industry, they are flexible enough to maneuver their way in connecting with the target audience to reach your desired quota.

With 3 years in the industry and counting, Ellick BPO Solutions, Inc. has proven itself to be the ultimate underdog by continuously expanding, 3 times on each of those years and acquiring a lot more projects for inbound and outbound telemarketing, making itself the most productive BPO center in Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

100% Support Guaranteed

We believe that clear communication between client and provider is essential in making successful projects; all concerns are expressed in a crisp, direct to the point way, which is done so to properly pinpoint the main issue and come up with a resolution. Our client services staff is available 24/7 and even on holidays, they’re always available to help you out with any concern you might want to raise and to make that happen, we take advantage of today’s latest online innovation.

  • We can conduct web meetings, in cases wherein a personal meeting would be impossible.
  • We can conduct Webinars (Web seminars).
  • You can reach us anytime, anywhere. Our client services and support staff will respond to you the soonest possible time.
  • Our client services and support staff are accessible via Skype, email, phone and other mobile chat systems like ChatOn, Viber, and Line or whichever you’d prefer, name it and we’ll be there.